Citizens of Style is a platform that I created in 2011 with the intent to inspire both you and I. As i’ve grown so has my style and interests. No longer do I solely focus on fashion and style. I endeavor to create this page as a reflection of my lifestyle whether that be food, fashion, photography, love and travel.

Growing up on the Central Coast and now living in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs I draw my inspiration and influences from the sun and the sea. I hope you enjoy following my adventure as I dream big, but at the same time keep things real.

Above anything else I love to document my travels with my photography and words. I often come back and read these posts to remind myself of the many memories and experiences that have made me who I am today. This unwavering passion for exploration is documented through Citizens of Style X #LETSGETLOST.

So if your down, lets hang out?

Maddie xo


E / citizensofstyle@live.com

I / @citizens_ofstyle

T/ @citizensofstyle

F/ facebook.com/citizensofstyle

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