📍 Torrak, Melbourne

WEARING //  Slip dress & turtleneck via ASOS, Adidas Court Vantage via ASOS and Zimmerman bag

It’s always been a fairly well acknowledged fact that Melbourne is usually colder than Sydney. It wasn’t until my trip down this weekend did I realise that what I think of as dressing for the colder weather and how Melbournians dress is quite a few layers different.

It’s either the fact that I don’t remember what the real cold feels like, or it never really gets cold enough in Sydney to have to wear more then two or three layers. I’m also pretty keen on not acknowledging that winter actually exists. Right back to when I was younger and starting to dress myself, I have distinct memories of trying to leave the house and dad arguing with me to bring something warmer because I was going to ‘freeze.’

So when ASOS approached me to style an outfit based on how Australians layer in winter I instantly had this outfit in my head. It may not be a traditional way to layer up in winter but I like that it can be worn at the beginning and end of the colder season. Then once slip dresses are again shunned back into the 90s i’ll be able to wear it to bed (where I usually spend most of my winter anyway #Netflix).

M x

<iframe src=“http://asos.azurewebsites.net/iframe-768.html” width=“768” height=“507” frameborder=“0”></iframe >

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