📍 Paddington, Sydney

WEARING //  Matisse Caty boot via Revolve, Scanlan Theodore knit & Josh Goot Skirt

Snake Skin boots… ask me a few years ago and I would have probably laughed in your face if you had shown me these boots. I guess thats what happens as you grow up, you start to like and do things you always thought you never would (READ: eating vegetables and drinking coffee). When I found these boots on Revolve I loved the style but I toyed with the idea just getting the Ivory colour instead because it seemed a hell of a lot safer. But as I sat there probably eating a bowl of stir-fried vegetables (all I can manage to cook for myself) I took the chance and bought the shoes. I mean the Revolve 20% off sale was probably the nudge I needed.

I usually don’t sit here on my page and ramble on about style and how to wear things but I tell you what these boots are certainly going to be a staple in this winters predominately black wardrobe.

M x


2 thoughts on “6.6.16

  1. perfection!! i love how the shoe’s print stands out against the black 😀
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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