LET’S GET LOST | Gili Trawangan



Endless rainbow of blues..FullSizeRenderimage3image7

 and hours of sunshine.DCIM111GOPRO



My woe


image6image16Salty hair…

image5image7and sandy feet.



image511221475_10153497196131369_2768541610850769027_nSunsets on Gili T


📍 Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

The thing I love most about travelling is the feeling you get when you’re finally standing in your dreams. It is those moments that transcend time and place and become the greatest souvenir of all. Gili T was one of those bucket list places for me. Endless nights of instasomia (READ: inability to sleep due to instagram scrolling) fuelled my growing list of places to explore in Bali, and the sunsets on Gili T were at the top.

We spent three nights on Gili Trawangan, which was more then plenty to explore the island. Hiring bikes was the easiest way to wander at your own pace. We spent our days camped out at The Exile, watermelon martini in hand at all times… and nights in awe of the rainbow of blues and pinks as the sun hid behind the horizon. The food is also worthy of a mention, in particular the crepes which Simone and I spent half our time eating. Although the one downfall I will say is the unreliable boat transport to and from the island, it brings a new meaning to ‘island time’. So don’t except your travel days to go as planned.

The island really turned it on for us. I was nice being on island time momentarily and I can’t recommend visiting Gili T enough…

M x

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