LET’S GET LOST | Mt Batur, Bali






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📍 Mt Batur, Bali, Indoneisa

It’s 3am in the morning, we get out of our car at the base of Mt Batur, it’s freezing and we are still half asleep. The three of us gazed up and noticed that Mt Batur is seemingly a lot larger than we had anticipated and unbeknown to us was what was ahead…

(I’d also like to note, going on a tropical holiday doesn’t really call for packing warm clothes, hence why I climbed a volcano in a leather jacket, with a leather backpack.)

The climb was challenging, particularly when it virtually turned into rock climbing. Although after two and half hours of complaining, being freezing and then sweating and constantly telling ourselves to ‘just do it’ (thanks Nike) we finally made it to the peak. It was still dark by this point, and elevated at 1,717m sitting amongst the clouds didn’t help with the temperature either. But at that moment when the horizon lit up and the burning sunlight started to emerge it all became worth it.

There is something so magical about the moment when the night meets the day. The day is new and that first light gives a profound sense of clarity. Sunrise for me is a reminder that yes the sun rises everyday, but each sunrise is different, as is each day. Thus learning to embrace each day as a new day enables me to never hold on too tightly to the past…


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