Spoon Bay.







Location // Spoon Bay, NSW

Wearing // NEUW top & Mink Pink pants

I’ve pretty much always hated Jeans. I’ve never really been able to (with the exception of Mavi) find a pair that fit well enough or ones that I could be satisfied walking around in all day. Thus, in light on this denim conundrum I have found myself having various different pants parties; present company included. I’d also like to add that I am a strong believer in the ‘tights are never pants’ (ever) rule, but there is something about these flared almost tights that becomes the exception. These really are the ultimate “I don’t know if it is summer or winter” pants. Anyway enough about pants, because if I had my way I wouldn’t even wear any. Everyday would be pants off Friday…

M x

Photos // Lucy Taylor

2 thoughts on “Spoon Bay.

  1. Specious outfit combinations. You are looking gorgeous and stunning. Your thought of fashion and style are unique. On your blogs several exceptional ideas are shared about how making an incomparable blog. Unique outfits. Like the pictures of unique outfits and the location very much. Thank you for sharing this kind of awesome blog with us.

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