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Location | North Avoca, NSW

Wearing | Miss guided top, Spell designs skirt & HER Empire body chain



I fell as though I always harp on about how much I love the beach, but it is true. There is nothing quite like the calming feeling that comes over me when the waves crash and roll up the shore. In my everyday life I am bombard with sensory stimuli from work, home and everything in between. My natural affinity with the ocean draws me to the beach and gives my brain some downtime and a rest from overstimulation. The sounds are simplified, I mean its not quite but the sound of water is a lot simpler then voices, music or street sounds. Gazing out to the horizon gives an overwhelming sense of clarity, engaging with the gentle movements of the water almost puts me in a slight meditative state. Removing the visual stimulation my mind is able to wander freely. Whenever I am in a creative rut I try to spend less time thinking and just be.

It has been hard to engage my creative side lately and evidently Citizens of Style has been neglected. I think since travelling I now just want to spend everyday exploring somewhere new, but unfortunately I commitments. But have no fear, next week I am off on a road trip to Byron and the Gold Coast and we are hoping to explore a few hidden gems along the way. So stay tuned..

M x

Photos | Alyssa Salvo



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