a citizen of style.

And so goes the quote “Woman should empower each other instead of being so hateful and envious of each other.” I think it is hard in a world where we make judgements on each other based upon one scroll of an Instagram or Facbook page. We look at each other and our first instinct is to judge them based on what they are wearing, doing, eating or talking about. Its unfortunate that we live in an age where we spend more time bitching about one another rather than supporting, empowering and standing up for each other. What ever happened to GIRL POWER? We let our own insecurities and jealously stop ourselves from really seeing how amazing we all are.

This is in part where my feature ‘Citizen of Style’ stems from. Street-style-FW-2012I’m quite guilty of instagram stalking and quietly following girls that I’m envious of. So, instead of trying to compete with these somewhat ‘it’ girls I want to empower you all to appreciate their individuality and in turn be YOURSELF and let your individuality and character shine.

Citizens of Style was never meant to be a dictation of what TJ and I thought. The name is simply a reference to the community of people who love style in all aspects of life. I am a citizen of this style lovin’ tribe. These features are intended to showcase other chicks who really are a citizen of style in all aspects of their life. Lets celebrate other woman!

I leave you with these thoughts and the first feature will be out in a week or two. Until then, watch this space.

Maddie x

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