Sun, sand and a sense of adventure







Location | Caves Beach, NSW

Wearing | Arrow Divine necklace, ASOS swimmer bottoms & Quay sunglasses 

Travel really gave me an incurable sense of adventure. Waking up everyday with new and exciting things to do for three and a half months makes it hard to come back to the reality of working/uni/debt/living at home. Upon our arrival home we made a pact not to be boring, and to cease every moment and experience and also not be afraid to try new ones. So in saying all of this we headed north towards Newcastle to find ‘Caves Beach’.

I found Caves Beach whilst on one of my regular instagram stalks and it just looked so sick. So on the south side of the beach if you walk around the rocks you will find a huge sea cave. You can’t really tell from the photos what this beach is all about because when we got there the tide was pretty much at its highest point, very dumb for not looking that kind of thing up. So we waited between sets and ran into the cave up to the back where Lucy found a tunnel that lead to the other side, which was a private beach, winning!

Anywayz, the point is if you live within a reasonable distance go and check the caves out, its so cool. But obviously my one piece of advise is to check the tides…


Riley, M

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