Halcyon dreamin’








Location | Woy Woy, Central Coast

Wearing | Glassons crop, Tree of life pants, Country Road Sandals & Quay sunglasses

Halcyon (adjective)
          denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

Aside from the 1920s, the 60s gives off seriously good vibes and is an ideal era in fashion for me. When thinking about my style aesthetic I wouldn’t instantly aline myself with that Woodstock esque, hippie livin’ style, unlike my little sister. Her wardrobe is over-flowing with floral prints, crochet and wide leg pants (thanks for letting me borrow these rad ones). Instead of the obvious influences from the 60s, I prefer to be inspired by the shapes and cuts like these wide leg pants, my Somedays Lovin lace flares and obviously Kimonos of all sizes. So instead of donning a tie-dyed tee I prefer to tone down the 60s vibes with more simplistic prints in a monochromatic colour platlete. I personally love the way a pair of wide leg flowy pants can make you feel like your walking on sunshine (note the feel good music video here).

Anywayzzzz. I’m trying to update the blog a lot more regularly and more what I’m wearing type posts. I mean that’s what all the cool kids are doing isn’t it? In the meantime you can follow our daily life @citizens_ofstyle and for the unfiltered version my personal account @maddieriley_. Until next time…

Riley, M x

Photos by Jasmine Riley

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