London calling | London, England

















Location | London Town, England

I think London has become one of those over exposed on social media type places and by now I’m sure you all know a lot about the city. At first I didn’t really take to the city, the busyness and expensive transport (get an Oyster card), oh and not to mention the weather turned me off it a bit. But then there was this beautiful English boy and his accent, and from that point my mindset was officially changed. Well I mean it was that and Oxford St, but mostly just the accents.

By this point on the trip I was pretty poor but somehow still managed to buy four new pairs of shoes in 24 hours. My point being I didn’t do many touristy things, instead we just spent most of our time wandering around the different burrows of London. Its crazy how you can walk for five minutes and feel like your in a whole different city. So my recommendation for london is spend time walking, don’t take the underground, instead walk between places because we saw so much more that way. On a side note its not a good idea to wear a new pair of shoes on a day like that… you I end(ed) up with seriously bad blisters.

Camden markets is one of my must do’s in London, and mostly for the food. It was seriously a cool suburb and with some interesting characters roaming around proving to be a good source of entertainment. Oh and another tip, the Harry Potter platform 9 and 3/4 isn’t at the museum it is at Kings Cross train station near the bookshop. If you get lost just ask, everyone seems to know where it was except us. It was also really cool to visit Abbey Road and playing chicken trying to take the tourist 101 photo pretending to be The Beatles. Hmm, what else… maybe just buy everything you see and want/even if you can’t afford it. I regret not buying so many things :(.

I really came to love London and just like Amsterdam and Rome I would love to move there. Oh wouldn’t it be nice…


Words and Photos by Riley, M



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