Finer details.








Watches | Silver Fossil, Black Marc Jacobs, Gold Michael Kors

Bangles/Bangles | Various market stalls, Venetian mask from Venice, Pink georgini

Rings | Grand Bazaar, Turkey, Goldmark, Angus and Coote, Wanderlust & co, Arrow Divine

Necklaces | Arrow Divine, markets

For as long as I can remember I have always been an accessories kind of girl. It started out with an infatuation for watches. I then started hoarding big flashy rings in every shape, colour and size. Since then, over the past few years I have made the transition from silver to gold jewellery. The only frustrating thing about being a gold girl is you can’t appreciate jewellery from the markets as much because you can just never get anything as good in gold.

I don’t think I will ever really be content with the pieces I have, particularly when it comes to rings as I am constantly searching for another ring, for another finger. Watches are too are a serious #collectionobsession of mine, although these are investment pieces. I’ve got my staples – gold Michael Kors, silver Fossil and black Marc Jacobs, which I alternate depending on my mood.

Looking down at my fingers now I’m wearing first two gold rings, one I bought for myself (I don’t need no man) and the other was a 21st birthday present. I love the way a piece of jewellery can remind you of a feeling or a moment in time. I think it is those finer details that make my jewellery collection so special to me.

Happy Sunday friends


Words & Photos by Riley, M


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