Oktoberfest! | Munich, Germany





Location | Munich, Germany

Basically, THE BEST WEEKEND EVER! Seriously but, dressing up, drinking steins of beer whilst singing German songs none of us knew the words to pretty much sums up Oktoberfest. I mean, it was a little more wild than that but we won’t get into detail because I’m pretty sure my mum reads these… Hey mum!

If your going to go to Oktoberfest, which I highly recommend, go opening weekend. On the opening day we waiting in line from 8am, then waited for the first keg to be cracked at 12pm on the opening day. I mean there was a lot of waiting, but the atmosphere was so merry it didn’t even matter. It was such a surreal experience being at the actual Oktoberfest, it felt super strange, like we weren’t really in Germany, drinking steins in a real life beer hall.

It really was such a highlight to our trip and if your going anywhere near Germany in September/October go to Munich and go to Oktoberfest. Oh and make sure you dress-up, otherwise you’ll be the odd one out.

Riley, M x

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