Amstergram | Amsterdam, Holand













Location | Amsterdam, Holand 

Amsterdam, typically known for green, girls and grittiness. But if you take a step away from the red light district and the coffee shops you’ll find that Amsterdam is one seriously beautiful city. I couldn’t believe how much I fell in love with the city. It reminded me a lot of Melbourne as it had cool vintage clothing stores as well as sick urban street stores. The cobblestone streets were lined with dog walkers, bicycles and hidden cafes perfect for dwelling in all day. Not to mention people on bikes have more right away than cars and people have right away over trams… very odd. And instead of the ‘love lock’ bridge it was lock your bike to the bridge. Even though the entire time we spent in Amsterdam it over overcast, the gloominess didn’t seem to effect the locals like it does in other cities. The people are some of the most friendly I think i’ve come across throughout most of Europe.

The cities quirkiness really drew me in and i’ve already put it at the top of my list of the most liveable cities. Its right up there with Rome and London. So when/if you do go to Amsterdam, make sure you wander away from the typical ‘Amsterdam experience’ and see what else the city has to offer.

Also, this is when TJ and I departed each other to go and get lost in different parts of Europe/the UK.

Words & Photos by Riley, M x

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