Window sitting, apartment living | Nice, France



Location | Nice, France

Wearing | Skirt from Italy, Miss Guided top and bag from Florence leather markets

This for me pretty epitomises the kind of apartment I dream about, white, crisp and a windowsill I can perfect place myself on. It was a serious Airbnb lucky draw to find this apartment in Nice. After months of hostel dorm room livin’ it was sick to finally have our own space to treat like our own bedrooms and leave clothes everywhere. And speaking of clothes, I got this skirt in the Almafi, on the Italian coast. Not only is it a skirt but it doubles as a dress. Read: winning!

On another note, I just arrived home and have a lot of places and photos to catch up on! After my first night of jet lag I’m already wishing myself back to these warmer days in Nice. But lucky for TJ she is still off getting lost in Europe for another month!

M x

Ps. Totally sorry this post is so illiterate, it’s like lack of sleep/over sleep thang

3 thoughts on “Window sitting, apartment living | Nice, France

  1. These images are beautiful. I was about to ask where your skirt was from as it’s stunning, but it looks like I’ll have to trek a long way! x

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