Frames of Firenze | Florence, Italy












Location | Frienze, Italy

Firenze- known to the rest of us as Florence, is the hub of Italian art and beautiful architecture. We don’t have all that many photos from Florence because we took to time just to chill out with friends and eat lotsa Italian food so here is just a couple. The city is gorgeous and small enough that everything is in easy walking distance. The duomo is by far the most the incredible we saw in Italy (see above), the top dome is also a viewing point that is reached by just a few hundred stairs or so, but unfortunely we didn’t make it up. We did however go to the Academia Museum that houses Michelangelo’s incredible statue of David. To be honest the museum itself wasn’t all that exciting but it was worth the 10€ to be able to see David (although my mother has a replica in our frontyard) and a few of Michelangelo’s half finished statues.

Florence was also a super convenient location to take a half day trip to visit Pisa. It was super easy to get there by train to get your variation of the #1 tourist 101 shot read: pushing over and/or holding up with your legs, arms or finger.

But by far my favourite part of Firenze were the leather markets! Unlike some markets these are actually good and the leather bags/jackets are plentiful, they also had a really cool vintage denim shop. The markets start at the San Lorenzo church and run for a few hundred metres along via Ariento. Make sure you barter with them but because they all sell slight variations of the same thing.

Words & photos by Riley, M

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