Krka National Park | Croatia









Location | Split, Croatia

Our number one recommendation : do not come to Split, Croatia without visiting Krka National Park. We were originally planning on visiting Plitvice Lakes National Park, but it turns out it’s a fair way out of Split and you can’t actually swim in the falls. So when we were told Krka is only an hour out and you can virtually swim right up to the falls we took ourselves on a little day trip. After a hour long bus trip we took a ferry ride and arrived in the national park to find a seriously spectacular site. Not only were the falls incredible but the water was something else. I don’t think we have ever swam in anything that felt as invigorating and refreshing. In true water baby/mermaid fashion we found ourselves sitting with the freshest waterfall stream pouring over our heads. The day only really cost us about 35€ and it was certainly worth everrrry cent. So put it on your to do list when visiting Croatia because you won’t regret it.

M & TJ x

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