Blue and White doin’ it right | Santorini, Greece




Location | Oia, Santorini, Greece

TJ wears | ‘Box skort’ from Shop Cupcake

Santorini. Yes, we’ve all seen the photos – and yes I would say it is just as gorgeous in real life. I think it’s the stark contrast of the bright white that hits your eyes, compared to the blue roofs and the glistening ocean in the sunlight. (Even though, if I will be honest there aren’t as many as I’d imagined.) If you can’t beat that classic colour palate, you should sure heck can join it. As soon as this little skort landed in my hands I was saving that blue and white brocade print for that sunset kodak moment – as cheesy as it may be. Say what you will about skorts and their widespread rise and fall – but I think they are the best of both worlds. So when the skort fits, you jump on your quad and chase that Santorini sun.

Oia in Santorini is ‘the place to go’ for the postcard vista of roofs sun and sea. You can get there by bus from the main part of town Fira. However, I highly recommend for at least one day hiring some quads and exploring the whole island. Driving on winding roads around the sheer cliff faces looking onto the coastline, seeing both Red beach and Black beach. I think it’s the wonderful sense of freedom of being in charge of where you want to stop off or go to, which is the best part. Where as we usually have to walk (in ridiculous heat) or are slaves to a bus or ferry schedule, which normally involves playing the waiting game (which we’re all trying to get better at).

All in all, I think I could easily spend over a month hopping between all the wonderful islands of Greece. Anyone have a super yacht they aren’t using?


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