Magical Moments | Santorini, Greece








Location | Oia, Santorini, Greece

Maddie wears | General Pants crop, ASOS swimmers and White Suede skirt

Santorini, it was just one of those places I’ve always dreamt of visiting. All the #wanderlust-ers on Instagram have all seen/reposted those photos of the white buildings with little blue roofs, I mean they are just so dreamy. Our visit to the island was really no exception and looking back on our hundreds of photos it all just seems surreal. We spent our afternoon wandering around the cobblestone alleyways getting lost (as per my tattoo) in the afternoon light. After exploring the town we found ourselves with a rooftop view of the sunset. As the sun finally went beyond the horizon the crowd of hundreds erupted into a round of applause. Being a backpacker on a budget watching a sunrise/sunset has become our number one (free) activity to do in each new country we visit and so far Santorini has taken the cake.

Anyways, we are now in Croatia and it’s stankin hot so we are going for a swim. Until next time…

M x

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