Sunrise to Sunset












Location | Cappadocia, Turkey

TJ | Somedays Lovin Turnpike floral midi jumpsuit

Off duty is foot loose and fancy free. So here I am, doing exactly that – bare footed on top of a hill in the sweet little town of Goreme, Cappadoccia in Turkey. A perfect vantage point to watch the mesmerising sunrise as hot air balloons take flight and in the afternoon as a disappearing sunset slips behind peaks and valleys of fairy chimney’s and caves.

We found ourselves drawing parallels between Goreme and Whoville from the Grinch. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, we couldn’t spot little Cindy Lou. However, we were equally shocked and amazed to find out that it does actually snow here in winter. Especially because during our stay everyday was easily 30+ degrees.

Two weeks into our 4 month adventure and i’m wishing I packed more. So, i’m sorry but you will be seeing this dreamy jumpsuit from someday’s lovin’ in another corner of the interwebs because it’s just so damn easy and effortless. Dancing around in bare feet letting that print do all of the talking. Perfect for all of the mischief you can find yourself in on those off duty days. Whether it be causing trouble back home or adventuring abroad, this line has seriously nailed the cool kid vibe. A quick shout out to the legends at Shambhala, Arrow Divine and Someday’s Lovin’ for letting us enter this rad competition. Have a peek at the other entires on insta #somedaysoffduty.

Merry weekend kids, take the time to be young wild and free.


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