‘Off Duty’ somewhere in Turkey









Location | Selcuk, Turkey

Somedays Lovin damaged lace flares, vintage button up and Sass and Bide Bralette

Given that I have taken the entire year off studying at UTS Sydney to work and save towards the four month holiday I have just embarked upon, one could assume I’ve been ‘off duty’ for a while now. There is nothing like getting on a plane and not looking back knowing I have four whole months of no commitment. Days upon weeks of a seeming endless summer where I would be found either by the water or exploring a new city. Note: camera always firmly in hand. Well this is pretty much the life TJ and I are living at the moment and we apologise for any #summertimesadness we may cause you.

So in saying all of this, here is my entry into the Somedays Lovin off duty Blogger style challenge. Nothing says more relaxed then not even wearing a real bra and lounging about after a long day of sunbaking while on a four month long backpacking holiday. That’s why for me this flare/bralette situation is my ultimate off duty look. Not to mention I’ve been looking for a good pair of lace flared pants for awhile now. I’ve found it hard to find a pair that would still look flattering on legs that aren’t stick thin; you know, those womanly curves. Then I found the Somedays Lovin damaged lace flares, just so on point.

These photos were taken at the sickest hostel in Selcuk – Atillas Getaway. It seriously cost 13€ a night and we got breakfast and dinner. If your planning on seeing Ephesus or Pamukkale it’s a central place to stay and it’s got the best off duty vibes.

Thank you to Arrow Divine, Shambhala Byron and Somedays Lovin for inviting us to show our ideal off duty looks. We will be posting TJs entry very soon, so stayed tuned. In the mean time check out other blogger chicks entries with the #somedaysoffduty hashtag on Instagram.

Maddie x

P.s ultimate relaxed face below…


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