S e a p o r t





Maddie wears | Ministry of Style jumpsuit, vintage denim jacket & Birkenstocks via Surf Stitch

Location : Seaport, Tasmania | Photos : Romy Gilbert

Firstly, don’t be fooled; one cannot simply wear shorts in June in Tasmania. It is just way to cold to get away with it (or so I’m told). Yet sometimes after wearing jeans/long pants in general you just get sick of the sight of them and want to what feels like ‘air’ your legs, you know give them a lil sunlight – same goes for your toes. So here I find myself wearing this white jumpsuit from Ministry of Style (formerly Bebe Sydney) braving the cold by the sea just for a little fresh air. I also recently purchased these birks for our European adventures and have been looking for any chance to wear them.

In other news – I cut my hair off, again. Now i’ve got a little blonde bob and apparently I look ‘mature’. Still not sure if mature is a descriptive word I’m down with at this age (21) but i’ll roll with it.

Happy Hump dayz

Maddie x


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