so many trees.








Maddie wears | coat, Bardot top, Ministry of Style (formerly Bebe Sydney) pants & Converse

Location: Hobart Botanic Gardens

Tasmania (or as much as I’ve seen so far) is full of some of the most beautiful trees (see pictured) I’ve seen in my 21 years of life. I mean it is probably just because it is was autumn and all those deciduous trees drop their leaves and stand around all pretty for a few months. These photos were taken inside Hobart’s version of the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, although not as breathtaking as Sydney it was beautiful none the less. Not only does Tasmania have  b-e-a-u-tiful trees but endless old churches. They say that Adelaide is the city of churches, but I swear I haven’t seen that many old churches in such a small radius of that in Hobart. I wish I had more pictures of the town but even the biggest coat couldn’t keep you warm enough outdoors because its so bloody cold in Hobart – that dam antarctic air.

Anyway, enough about Churches and trees (Citizens of Trees and Churches). I’ve been living in this coat since the temperature hasn’t risen above 10 degrees in the last few weeks. I’m also struggling to keep inspired in this cold, I pretty much turn to my Mavi/Ksubi jeans and some form of T-shirt and this coat. I am also refusing to buy any winter clothes because of our upcoming Euro trip so I apologise for our lack of posts. But watch this space closely because we leave in three weeks and I am positive the sun, sea and sand will spark our inspiration again!

Enjoy your weekends

Maddie x





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