CULT of individuality X Fashiolista








Both wearing Cult of Individuality shorts
Maddie also wears Bardot top, Fossil bag and Wittner shoes.
TJ also wears Country Road top, Vintage hat and Wittner shoes.

There is nothing more we love than denim and leather. They work harder than a gym junkie on legs day in both of our wardrobes. So when Cult of Individuality and Fashiolista approached us about a competition, we jumped at the opportunity. If you haven’t checked out this style community, we highly recommend it. Many, many hours could be spent scrolling and heart-ing this corner of the interwebs. Unfortunately, assignments won’t write themselves and you actually have to show up to work and do something productive to get paid.

Cult of individuality (find them on Insta, Twitter and Facey) have a plethora of choices for your pins, we opted for these super soft little leather shorts. Maddie, styled an all black streamlined look, while TJ pulled together a more casual affair. Check out the competition and even vote for your favourite here – you can win a $200 shopping spree!

We are officially #cultdenimaddicts.

M&TJ x

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