Wish in the City (& Country)





Launceston, Tasmania



IMG_1617 copy


Sydney CBD, New South Wales

Hi Friends,

Two places. Two outfits. Two girls. If you’ve been following our instagram @Citizens_ofstyle, and if you haven’t we’re slightly offended, but I mean your the one missing out on all the foodstagrams and inspo quotes.  Anyway, you’d know that we are both living in different states – TJ is still living in the concrete jungle and Maddie is currently exploring country side in Tasmania. We’ve both always held that our environment is pretty influential on how we dress, but I mean in saying that its pretty obvious. Most people wouldn’t walk around in gym gear when they don’t even intend on exercising.. wouldn’t they? But here is our entry to the #wishhondacity style challenge

TJ is channeling the Lady Tuxe in her Wish Rapture jumpsuit in the heart of the city. Whereas Maddie is in a different city, which just so happens to be the country playing with horses and hay in the Wish Flip slide dress. Even though working and living away from each other has proven its difficulties. Our essential philosophy has stayed the same, we love embracing the moment and the environment we are in.

We are both really excited to enter this competition for Wish and Honda Australia.

M & TJ x


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