Second Skin.


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IMG_1341 copy

IMG_1362 copy

IMG_1384 copy

IMG_1278 copy


Photos by Daniel Dunkley

Maddie | Mavi Alexa mid rise super skinny in Mid Gold Pop

TJ | Mavi Alexa mid rise super skinny in bBack Jeather

There is nothing quite like slipping on your favourite pair of jeans and feeling completely comfortable, everyone knows the pair of pants that feel like a second skin. Sliding on these jeans was just like that – we were both surprised that we could actually move and DO things in these jeans. Let’s be honest, jeans are such a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. On a rough count we have 35 pairs between us (although, we probably only really wear about 2 pairs each on the reg).

We thought we were well versed in the denim game until we discovered Mavi. The mavi gold range are made of some unbelievable super stretch fabric made by tiny little fairy’s in Turkey – but in all seriousness we are writing this with about 2 hours sleep under out belts (#fashionweak) but the fabric is amazeballs and will let you do all kinds of activities (as pictured above).

We hope you all have a wonderful week filled with so many activities!

Maddie and TJ


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