Before nine.







Thrifted top | I like Wolves shorts c/o The Rumour Mill via Market HQ | Converse | Karen Walker Sunglasses

Getting out of bed for me is definitely one of the hardest parts of my day – yes on second read I know this sounds pathetic. Although once I finally managed to drag myself out of bed and start my day I seem to forget how hard it was. This was certainly the case for the morning we took these photos. The 6am wake up call was a serious shock to the system, but after a beach run walk and Acai bowl aka a bowl of pure deliciousness it didn’t seem all that bad. Its crazy that serious sense of accomplishment you get when you look at your watch (in this case my Balinese Rolex) and realise its not even 9am and you’ve achieved so much.

Anyway, we are looking forward to this month because we have some rad new content coming e.g a collaboration with one of our favourite online stores! Not to mention our new look coming in the new year… ohh the exciting times ahead.

Happy Hump day friends!

Riley, M x

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