Winter Sun

IMG_9243   IMG_9340 IMG_9347 IMG_9358 Wearing; Valley Eyewear sunglases, Babyanything ring, Country Road cardigan and long sleeve shirt, Socialight leather shorts, Peeptoe shoes.

When winter throws you some spectacularly sunny days like it has been recently, you would most likely find me in this getup. Dressing in winter is like being in a warm cuddle with clothes all day – well that’s what I aim for anyway. One thing that certainly does tick that box is this cardigan, one of the warmest little wonders you could wrap yourself in, AND IT HAS TASSELS (I think tassels and I have had a love affair ever since I was 4? maybe 5? either way tassels are the coolest things ever- full stop). Maximum comfort and warmth levels are a priority but when the sun is out discard the beanie, let you legs see the light of day and grab you newest pair of statement sunglasses and head on down to the seaside to soak it all in. Once the sun has disappeared run to your car and blast the heater before your legs turn into icicles.

It’s no lie that I am a summer loving child but I don’t think I have ever been this pale – regardless I’m excited to be exploring Bali for the first time. So the questions begin, how many bikini’s do you really need for a 10 day trip? How many pairs of shorts will you actually wear? Any tips for us before we embark on Wednesday?

Oh yeah, I also changed my hair! I’m a lot darker now (I’m not too sure that these pictures do it justice) thanks to my amazing hair dresser Anette at Vincent & Dupree. She is one of the most talented in the hair game and has the coolest salon. Everyone needs a little spontaneous change every now and then right? Right!

TJ xx

2 thoughts on “Winter Sun

  1. Hi there, you’re not up for selling your country road cardigan are you?
    I’ve been looking to buy one of those second hand for a long time….

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